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Hugovision contains in-depth analysis of political, economic, regulatory, legislative and commercial trends in New Zealand and globally, drawing on the expertise in the Hugo Panel. Hugovision is published fortnightly on a Friday.

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  • Coherence needed on 100% renewable electricity policy / Climate change rubber meets road / Test of relevance for business’ thinktank / Debate looms over frills in social insurance / Tradeoff between road costs and housing supply / Pressure on costs and prices as inflation debate rages / Chorus growing for Goodfellow to go

  • June 11

  • 284k
  • Gas market intervention averted / Unemployment insurance rush is on / Budget 2022 - working families the next target / What a review of Govt’s financing rules might look like / RBNZ projects it will be the first central bank to hike / China issues continue to heat up

  • May 28

  • 290k
  • HVxtra - Budget special May 20 2021 / Govt pumps cash into benefits

  • May 20

  • 256k
  • A dangerous but necessary debate / Robertson eyes higher debt target in long run / Migration settings face tightening in new approach / Housing market yet to slow after March 23 shock / Government schooled on pay freeze / FPAs – coming ready or not / KiwiSaver shake-up

  • May 14

  • 592k
  • Scale of China challenge grows / Centralisation instincts unleashed in DHB wipeout / Collins heads down Brash route on separatism, climate / Robertson eyes bank lending choices just in case / Bubble opening lifts confidence to mid-2017 levels / RBNZ seen avoiding big tightening of lending screws / Full review of council governance and funding launched

  • April 30

  • 260k
  • Is this government trying to do too much? / Vaccine rollout scramble / Ministers watching power price shock / National grabs housing initiative as prices keep rising / Economic focus turns to bank lending rules / Will the Aussie tourists come and will our workers go?

  • April 16

  • 263k
  • Politics of housing / Travel bubble start date receding / Interest-only pressure eases on RBNZ / Council regime and funding review / Climate change advice challenged / Govt blindsided by timber shortage

  • April 01

  • 257k
  • Government seeks business re-engagement / Bubble soon? / MIQ places would free up / Vaccine free-for-all by July? / 3 waters – the rubber meets the pipe / Housing affordability announcements next Tuesday / China stance hardening

  • March 19

  • 272k
  • Snap lockdowns fraying tempers / National and ACT gain some traction finally / RBNZ zeroing in on DTI as main housing lever / Councils implode under funding and growth pressure / Govt tiptoeing towards tighter migration settings / InfraCom worried about RMA repeal moves / Tax windfalls creating room for rabbit in Budget hat

  • March 05

  • 247k
  • Vaccinations begin today / Vaccine hesitancy – an issue hiding in plain sight? / Parker’s RMA repeal and replace quest begins / New leverage for NZ over China and America / Is the RBNZ preparing to tighten? / Bare cupboard for international tourism businesses?

  • February 19

  • 271k