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Energy Innovation (Electric Vehicles and Other Matters) Amendment Bill

Introduced on October 27. The Bill diversifies EECA’s levy funding into petrol and gas and diversifies how that funding is spent beyond the current electricity sector to the wider energy sector. It also exempts electric heavy vehicles from road user charges  until they make up 2% of the fleet and allows Road Controlling Authorities to permit electric vehicles in special vehicle lanes. The Bill also clarifies how electricity industry legislation applies to secondary networks. First reading on November 8 with all parties in support (though the Greens opposed special lane exemptions) and sent to the Commerce Committee for consideration. Reported back on May 9 with minor changes These include clarification around regulations concerning secondary networks (electricity networks that are indirectly connected to the national grid) and the policing of EVs in special vehicle lanes. Second reading completed on May 30 with all parties in support. Third reading completed on June 27 with all parties in support, but Opposition parties still saying the Govt lacked ambition and expressing doubts about EV use of special car lanes Energy Innovation (Electric Vehicles and Other Matters) Amendment Bill