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Commerce Amendment Bill

Introduced on March 28. The Bill will enable the Commerce Commission to undertake ‘market studies’ research into the structure and behaviour of markets, and compel organisations and businesses to provide information. It also repeals the cease and desist regime, introduces an enforceable undertakings regime, and makes amendments to the regulatory regime for airports under Part 4 of the Commerce Act. First reading interrupted on April 12 with National indicating it had some concerns about the Commission being able to self-initiate market studies. First reading completed on May 1 with National and ACT opposing, referred to the Transport and Infrastructure Committee. Reported back on Sept 12 with only minor changes and the parties positions unchanged. Given a high priority by the Government over concerns about petrol prices and completed second reading on Oct 16, committee stage on Oct 23 and third reading on Oct 24. National still expressed concerns about the powers conferred and how they would be used, but voted in favour. Commerce Amendment Bill