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Education Amendment Bill

Introduced on Feb 8. It most notably repeals legislation relating to National Standards and Charter Schools. It includes provision for existing charter schools to operate under their contracts while the Ministry discusses possible options, including in the state system, on a case-by-case basis It also restores guaranteed places for staff and student representatives on Tertiary Education Institution councils. The bill also introduces an offence for those who make a false representation about their eligibility for the fees-free tertiary education policy. The Bill was read a first time and referred to the Education and Workforce Committee on Feb 15. It was strongly opposed by National and ACT. Reported back from select committee on August 31 with minor amendments, but the thrust of the Bill retained. Still strongly opposed by National. Second reading completed on Sept 13. Committee stage completed on Oct 16 and third reading on Oct 18. National and ACT opposed.  Education Amendment Bil