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Electoral (Integrity) Amendment Bill

Introduced on Dec 13, 2017. The Bill deems that an MP who has left their party is no longer and MP and allows a party leader to dismiss an MP if they are deemed to have left their party. First reading completed on Jan 30 and referred to the Justice Committee. National and ACT opposed the bill and the Greens came under some pressure for supporting it. They argued their concerns about similar legislation in the past had been reduced. This was due to the bill proposing a party would have to follow its rules before expelling an MP and the party leader requiring the support of two thirds of their caucus. Supporters of the bill said it was important to protect the proportionality of Parliament as decided by the election from “party hopping”. They said this overrode the power of an MP to defy their party. Reported back from the evenly divided Justice Committee with MPs unable to agree. Second reading completed on August 2. Committee stage began on August 7 with National filibustering and the Government using extended hours provisions to make slow progress. Bill set to pass with the Greens reluctant support. Eventually completed the committee stage on Sept 26 and third reading on Sept 27. National and ACT opposed with National saying it would repeal in government.Electoral (Integrity) Amendment Bill