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Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill (No 2)

A bill in the name of Labour Leader Andrew Little. The bill intends to ensure every rental home meets minimum standards of heating and insulation.  Speaker David Carter has ruled the bill is out of order as it is too similar to a bill rejected by Parliament earlier this year. As a result if the bill came up for debate this year it would be struck down. However it is unlikely to be debated until next year so will remain a live issue. Not debated in 2015, so now awaiting first reading.  First reading completed on May 4 by 61 to 60. Only National and ACT opposed it being sent to select committee with United Future and the Maori Party joining Opposition parties. Peter Dunne says his support is highly conditional as he has doubts about the practicality of the bill. Report back extended from November 4 to April 29 2017. Deadline pushed back again to June 30. Reported back on June 29 with the evenly balanced select committee tied on whether it should proceed or not. Labour and Green MPs on the committee said they continued to support the Bill and would be proposing amendments in the committee stage. Second reading debate held on July 26. National and ACT opposed, but the Maori Party and United Future joined Opposition Parties so the Bill continued to progress by 60 to 59. This was the last Members Day for this Parliament so no further progress will be made until after the election. Adopted as a Govt Bill by and began its committee stage on Nov 15.  Amendments introduced by the Govt changed the Bill, which will now enable the Govt to set standards for rental housing quality through regulations yet to be developed. The Bill will commence on 1 July 2019 and all residential tenancies must comply with the regulations within five years of this, though earlier compliance dates may be prescribed by regulation Completed third reading on Nov 30 with National and ACT opposed.    Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill (No 2)