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Kāinga Ora—Homes and Communities Bill

Introduced on May 29. The Bill consolidates Housing NZ, its development subsidiaries and the KiwiBuild unit into Kāinga Ora–Homes and Communities. It also introduces a Government policy statement on housing and urban development. A second Bill is proposed to give the new agency statutory powers to override RMA processes, replace local plans, build infrastructure, levy infrastructure and development activities and bring together parcels of land. First reading as the House sat under the Urgency session of May 30 with National and ACT opposed, referred to the Environment Committee with a report back by Nov 30. Reported back on Sept 6 with a number of changes including requiring for Kāinga Ora to recognise the need to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change. National opposed saying there was little reason in setting up an urban development authority in the absence of substantive reform of the Resource Management Act. Second reading Sept 17, committee stage Sept 18, third reading Sept 19. National opposing throughout. Kāinga Ora—Homes and Communities Bill