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Natural Health and Supplementary Products Bill: (Was Natural Health Products Bill.)

Establishes a natural health products regulator in the Ministry of Health; requires online registration of natural health products; requires assessment and regulation of ingredients, claims and evidence of health benefits and manufacturing standards; lists prohibited ingredients; requires notification of new ingredients before marketing; exempts some categories. The select committee had difficulty balancing consumer choice, public health safety, light regulation when risk is low, and scientific evidence. It tightened provisions on allowable health benefit claims except where the claim is based on traditional use. Greens opposed this tightening and the proposal to charge fees. First reading Sept 2011 report back from select committee was delayed until Oct 2012. Second reading in March 2013 and now awaiting clause-by-clause debate. After becoming stalled the Government tabled sweeping amendments on March 15 2016. They widen the definition of natural health and supplementary product with a definition of natural health product. The widening of the definition means manufacturers of any natural health product must comply with the requirements of this Bill. However, the requirement for a natural health product to contain only permitted substances will continue to apply to natural health products for sale or export. The Government had indicated it was ready to proceed with the committee stage. However an intense lobbying campaign from some in the sector, particularly exporters, has seen the bill once again parked down the Order Paper. Lapsed August 22 2017. Natural Health and Supplementary Products Bill