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New Zealand Flag Referendums Bill

Given its first reading on March 13 the bill sets up a process for holding of two postal referendums on the New Zealand Flag. The first will determine which alternative flag design is preferred by voters, and the second will determine whether that alternative flag or the current flag is to be the New Zealand Flag. Sent to the Justice and Electoral Committee for consideration with a report back date of July 29. Opposed by Labour and NZ First. Reported back from select committee on June 29 with Labour issuing a minority report saying it was not necessarily against changing the flag, but objected to the process. Completed its second reading on July 28 with Labour, Greens and NZ First voting against with the Government giving the bill a high priority. Committee stage interrupted on July 29 with the Government indicated the bill’s passage will be given priority. Third reading completed on August 13 with National, Maori Party, ACT and United Future in favour.  New Zealand Flag Referendums Bill