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Animal Welfare Bill

First reading August 2013. The bill seeks to improve the animal welfare system following the Government’s review in 2011–2012. It does not alter fundamental policy settings. Reported back from select committee on June 26 with amendments around standards of welfare for animals, including live animals for export. The Greens unhappy the bill does not ban animal testing of cosmetics and want stronger protections for animals used in intensive factory farming. Completed its second reading on November 27 with the Greens still opposing. Ministers have indicated they are open to the idea of banning animal testing of cosmetics in New Zealand as it appears this does not happen in this country. Completed its committee stage on March 31 with a Government amendment banning the use of animals for testing of cosmetics accepted by all parties. The bill remains generally supported but a number of parties are concerned at the long transitional period for tougher rules over animal welfare, particularly in factory farming. Passed its third reading on May 5 with general support, though Opposition parties still argued it did not go far enough Animal Welfare Bill