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How we work

The Hugo Group informs Hugo members in several different ways.


Breakfast briefings

Hugo members meet at least 12 times a year in both Wellington and Auckland at a working breakfast to analyse the international, economic, political, public policy and industrial environments in the light of confidential briefings from the Hugo Panel experts.

Guest speakers present their views and are closely questioned. The Chatham House Rule of confidentiality applies, allowing very free discussion. Speakers are senior ministers, leading opposition politicians and other policy makers. Occasionally outside experts contribute.

Occasionally additional Panel meetings are held after major events or for special guests.

Tailored in-house briefings

Hugo Group Panel members are available for brief consultations by phone. For an additional fee they provide special in-house briefings for individual members to add value to a board meeting or a strategic planning meeting or at a function for panel members’ clients.

Specialist research can also be arranged.

Written briefings

Fortnightly on Fridays The Hugo Group emails and posts to all members its confidential written brief, Hugovision, giving the Panel’s assessment of the economy, politics, policy, legislation and forecasts.

In addition, analyses of important developments are transmitted to members the day they happen.

CEO Retreat

About the Retreat

Held annually, the purpose of the CEO Retreat is to introduce knowledge and new thinking that challenges, intrigues and extends, as well as touching social conscience.

International and New Zealand experts lead the roundtable discussions. Partners are encouraged to attend and participate.


  • Date / August 29-31
  • Venue / Millbrook Resort Queenstown
  • The Hugo Group CEO Retreat is scheduled to run from 6pm on Thursday, August 29 to lunch on Saturday, August 31. The programme will again bring members a mixture of actionable business insights and the traditional Retreat “deep dive” into domestic and global affairs.

    If you are interesting in coming, please contact


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