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Brokering (Weapons and Related Items) Controls Bill

Introduced on June 27. The bill establishes a regime to regulate the brokering of weapons and related items by New Zealanders and New Zealand entities. Brokering involves negotiating, arranging or facilitating the international movement of arms and military equipment from one foreign country to another foreign country. The Bill will require all NZers and NZ entities wishing to engage in brokering to register with the Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Trade  and obtain a permit for each brokering activity. First reading debate interrupted on July 6 and completed on July 27 2017. Reported back from the Finance and Expenditure Committee on March 29, 2018 with recommendation it be passed with a number of amendments over jurisdiction and the burden of proof. Completed second reading on May 1 and committee stage completed May 9. Third reading completed on May 15 with all parties in agreement.  Brokering (Weapons and Related Items) Controls Bill